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Chir Chir @ 313 Somerset

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Chir Chir, reads Chi-Re Chi-Re is the latest Korean Fried Chicken Eatery of the year. While I was not warned on the immense popularity, IG was spammed with enough photos to prompt my visit. 

Between Friday and Saturday, I chose the lesser of two evils to join the queues and they were by far the longest next to Llao Llao at 313 Somerset. May I also add that the queues already started before 630pm? The only redeeming grace is the air conditioning helped ease the rising mood temperatures in all that queueing we did.


After what seemed and was forever, a young waitress came around to take our orders first. Handwritten no less.


The whole 45 minutes in line was spent oogling at the plates of wings that the customers devoured - if anything, it made me more annoyed that they were taking their own sweet time to chit chat and eat.


We were whisked in to a corner table and found these uber chic tongs for eating the wings. Great I say to avoid any of the finger gymnastics needed to eat and drink at the same time.


 Lemon infused water plonked on the table quite immediately. 


Garlicky Tenders ($26.90)

The tenders were a tad dry, which is a common issue when it comes to frying meat without bones. The garlicky hints were mild but pleasant.


Spicy Wings ($28.90)

It lived up to its name of spicy wings and while it was a sticky and spicy mess, this was alot tastier and juicier than the tenders. Served with rice cakes, this was an entire meal on its own.


Eating made easy peasy. The main grouse is, the chicken parts were best eaten hot and doggy packing them home made it a soggy unplatable dish.


By the time we left, the queues were still raging on - just like wildfire. Hardly worth the wait.

Chir Chir
313 Somerset

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