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Cheung Heung Tea Restaurant @ Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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Cheung Heung is one of those cha chan tangs that would have made the same list as the Honolulu, Capital and even Mido if not for its distance. I saved some stomach space after Sun Hing to check them out. Like most industrious cha chan tangs, Cheung Heung not only operates as a eatery but also a bakery for quick takeaways.

Dap Toy (sharing of tables in cantonese) is common here, given how fast the tables get turned over for breakfast.


Chinese tea is served even before my orders arrive.


Another of the daily aromatic grinds to start the day with.


Macaroni soup, nothing too fancy with just macaroni, soup and a few slices of ham. It amazes me how they can make the humble macaroni and even instant noodles national dishes.

Very soothing breakfast dishes that I would trade my eggs bennys for.


包 served with a fried egg, another part of a big breakfast done the local way.


I could not miss eating an egg tart in Hong Kong, regardless the restaurant. It probably did not look much but the crust was to die for, crazily fragrant and rich, the egg custard was another of the amazing things that happened in a single tart.

I was surprised to find such a delicious tart in a neighbourhood cha chan tang - and this, triumphed Honolulu's and even Tai Cheong for me.

Cheung Heung Tea Restaurant
107 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town

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