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Upper House @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

The dining scene in Hong Kong is so vibrant and consumers are seemingly more willing to splash out on meals - for that, I am always willing to make a trip there so very often. Fact is, a fair number of dining establishments choose Hong Kong as their first foray into Asia before expanding to Singapore.

Anyhow my point being, their food and beverage industry is so well advanced that it surprises me (still) that a handful of them choose to pull their shutters on a Sunday dinner. And I thought that only the Italian and French needed their sabbaths - it took us two restaurants later to finally get one that decided Sunday was the day for their cash registers to ring. 


Upper Modern Bistro is opened by the protégé of French chef Pierre Gagnaire and former executive chef at Hullet House’s St George restaurant - Chef Philippe Orrico.


Bar counter that came alive at night.


Bread that was literally served in a cloth basket and they were truly delicious - crusty edges and pillowy insides slapped with butter - the simple delights.


Fish Market Ceviche  (HKD 168)
Octopus, Guacamole

One of those ceviche dishes that actually have equal ratios of vegetables and seafood. Flavours were exquisite, octopus incredibly tender and move over chicken ceasar salad, this is the new salad to love.


Foie Gras Creme Brulee (HKD 98)
Poppy Seed


Savoury creme brulee has to be one of its kind with the luxurious foie gras as the main star. Wobbly smooth like the sweet creme brulee would be, this even comes with a torched crust and the difference lies in the rich foie gras mousse.

Brilliant, and only more.


Crispy Sole (HKD 368)
Crab Meat, Baby Spinach, Smoked Eel

Possibly the best fried fish dish eaten, so simple yet impeccably done.


A side of vegetables that once again look too beautiful to eat.


Green Salad (HKD 68)

More of the green movement, I would have preferred by now that they use different vegetables instead of the same throughout. It can get boring.


Lobster Mac and Cheese (HKD 298)


Lo and behold the most extravagant macaroni and cheese eaten. Thumbs up for the succulent and generous lobster chunks, I can very well give up eating lobster rolls for this.

Creamy, chewy and just so decadent.


Warm Chocolate Cake (HKD 128)
Hazelnut Icecream

First, Upper House does provide a birthday cake at a charge of HKD 128 if advance notice is given.
Secondly, we did not give that advance notice so the best they could do was to attach a birthday tag and pass it off as a birthday cake and still charge us for us anyway.

These mini chocolate cakes were divine though, melty centers within a rich cake,


The hazelnut icecream was equally indulgent.


Pistachio Barre (HKD 108)
Green Apple Sorbet, Candies, Popcorn

Beautifully plated, this layered mousse cake was excellent. Great with apple sorbet and the sweet touches that gave this smooth one lots of texture.

Casual bistro with creative dishes, I will not say the service was over the top impressive. At least my night ended on a delicious note.

Upper House
 6-14 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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