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The Market Laneway @ Tanjong Katong Road

The Laneway Market is new to Tanjong Katong and offers all day dining with a cool vibe. Furnishings are kept to a minimalistic touch, somewhat resembling a bakery more than a cafe. 

White Ginger Pear Tea ($6)

Portions are incredibly small, just enough to fill slightly more than a cup. White Ginger Pear tea is very aromatic and packs fruity notes. 

Lemmy Lemonade Organic Soda ($6.50)

Uber cute mascot for this lemonade soda lacking in acidity.

Fluffy eggy brioche French Toast, bacon, Chicken Chipolatas, baked beans, salad ($12)

The french toasts were just the right portions and resembled tofu cakes. Unlike usual french toasts that are almost too much for one and overladen with sugar, this strikes a balance between sweet and savoury which made this actually a really good rendition of french toast.

Earl Grey Latte ($6)

Too sweet, the companion commented of the pretty latte speckled with earl grey tea leaves. 

 Miso Aglio Olio, pickled cucumber, mushrooms, shaved shiitake, seaweed ($16)

The presentation in a bowl and plate ensured that the salmon remained crispy which I thought was a kind gesture.  Hearty fare great for rainy days.

12 hour braised Pulled Pork Burger, purple cabbage slaw, truffle fries, salad ($18)
A signature not to be missed is a pair of pull pork sliders sandwiching a finger licking good pulled pork, pickled cabbage slaw and served with french fries that were equally good.

It is a great find along this stretch wanting of cafes, it is a pity then that we did not get to try their desserts. I love how the usual eggs bennys and pancakes are not part of their fare, some respite is good.

The Laneway Market
266 Tanjong Katong Road

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  1. That's salmon? Looks like cod to me.

    1. salmon it is! for the price tag, wouldn't have been cod. :p

      belated congrats on the second bundle of joy!