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The Edible Co's Granolas

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Ever since catching the overnight oats bug, I have also acquired a fascination with granolas. Homemade ones no less and also locally produced ones when I run out of both time and homemade ones.


Coconut Gula Melaka

The mix was similar to the other granola flavours they have except with an extra dash of coconut chips and gula melaka which made this uniquely asian. I am not a fan of the coconut unfortunately, it gave an artificial taste to the granola.


Maple Honey Nut  

Wholly nuts and oats in this, one had to be a nut lover to adore this. I liked this enough for as a second favourite after cranberry almond. 

Last but not least, my favourite flavour from Edible and Co is Cranberry Almond.  The ratio of oats, nuts and cranberry is perfect, so much so the tangyness of the cranberries makes breakfast such a hearty affair.

Having tried most of their flavours except Cacao and Roselle, I am a huge fan!

All flavours retail for $14 at their list of stockists or online.

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