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Sun Kee Restaurant @ Burrows Street, Hong Kong

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The journey to track down this second outlet of Sun Kee was not an easy one. First it started with the trusty Openrice giving me a wrong address, and I circled the previous address relentlessly even after the building security guard confirmed there was no such outlet before I finally stumbled upon it a few streets nearby.

Relatively empty on a Tuesday morning, I have the HK dining culture to thank for, granting me a solo diner an experience that was hardly awkward or embarrassing. Infact, we were all loner diners and I felt completely at home.

The menu can get confusing but the waiters were kind enough to advise on more value for money sets. I ordered a breakfast set (HKD 42) which comprised of a beverage and the pork neck cheese noodle.


Milk Tea in a silver mug, there is just something about the stocking milk tea in Hong Kong that is so different from our Teh-C.


The famous pork neck cheese noodle.


The cream cheese sauce was light and hardly cloying, instant noodles cooked a tad soft and the grilled pork neck was a chewy meaty delight. With the 1001 ways to eat instant noodles, I have found a favourite.


Pork neck meat has been a favourite at Thai Restaurants and they ingeniously incorporated this into a noodle dish.


They even do deliveries! How lucky, you Hongkongers.

I wish I had more space for their cheese balls and just an extra order of grilled pork neck.

Sun Kee Restaurant
G/F., 3 Burrows Street

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