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Sun Hing Restaurant @ Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


With the opening of the Kennedy Town MTR station, I was able to finally pay Sun Hing Restaurant a visit. Right smack opposite Mia Casa Hotel, it was already buzzing with people when we arrived at 8am.

Step into the world of dimsum, the ways the locals have it.


Filled with like minded locals and a handful of tourists. We get shown all the way into the restaurant, way past the second wing and finally get a seat outside the kitchen.


The old school way of cleansing the cups and chopsticks before eating.


Dimsum is best savoured in steamers and I am not sure how many of these are consumed in a day but watching these stack up was a joy.

The ordering system was simple, whenever these steamers were ready for consumption a burly man from the kitchen would holler and customers would scramble from their seats for one of these. Quantities were limited and the less popular ones would then be carried around in metal trays throughout the restaurant  and pedalled.


First we start with prawn dumplings packed with so much flavour that made this humble dimsum so delicious.


Siewmais that were equally exquisite - perfected with the right mix and meat-fat ratio.


The famous molten custard paus finally arrived. A jab released a flow of daffodil yellow.


While it was not as flowy as the rest attempted in Hong Kong and even Singapore, the liquid gold filling was just so good - the right viscosity and flavour captured. I think I have found the best in Hong Kong.

Watching the kitchen help work with their nifty fingers made me wonder how many of these delicious buns get sold daily.


Beancurd Skins rolled with meat were the Hong Konger's childhood favourite. While they may not look the most delicious but boy, they were.


Wood ear fungus, minced meat and beancurd skin made up this delectable dish. 


Authentic right down to the menu stamping system, we both left Sun Hing wishing for a return soon. I am not sure how long more this place would remain down to earth without the curse of a Michelin recommendation but this is way more sincere than Tim Ho Wan.

Sun Hing Restaurant
Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town

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