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Spice things up with Mission Curry Wraps!

Special thanks to Mission for the wraps!

Next to bread, I love wraps best. They have fewer calories and lower sugar content than white bread which makes wraps alot healthier. Their latest creation is an aromatic curry-flavoured flatbread made with high quality wheat flour - the wraps pack a distinctive curry taste coming from a special combination of sweet and savoury south asian spices.

Without further ado, I put them to test.


The key thing about wraps is being able to hold up the ingredients without leaking.


Stuffing my wrap with ingredients! I am not a fan of skinny wraps.


Bestest combination ever, wraps with stew.

I found the wraps actually quite good, except the level of spice could go a couple of notches up - I love my food spicy!

Bon Appetit!

Mission Curry Wraps are now available at the bread aisle of all major supermarkets. Each pack contains 8 pieces of 8 inch wraps and comes in re-sealable packs, retailing for $5.35.

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