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Social Place @ L Place, Hong Kong

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Are you social enough?

Social Place offers diners a range of contemporary Chinese dim-sum and dishes using fresh and quality ingredients – rice bran oil as cooking oil and no MSG added.


Reservations were a breeze since they accepted them online and confirmations were also very prompt.


I fell in love with the decor of the restaurant almost immediately, I loved the usage of white and fixtures of the restaurant that gave it a modern cafe touch to the otherwise old school yum cha experience.


Spot them houseflies in my bowl? Their plates and bowls are designed with a quirk in each, incorporating flies and spider designs into them making dining very real.


川汁皮蛋 (HKD 48)

Somehow I had the impression that century eggs in Hong Kong all had that molten center and this was barely so and topped with chilli. I am having trouble identifying its sichuan origins but this was not my idea of a good appetizer.


Steamed Glutinous Siew Mai

One of their many innovative takes on dimsum, this siew mai was stuffed with glutinous rice and adorned with truffle.


松露香菇 (HKD 49)

Ingenuity at its peak with cocoa dusted buns filled with truffle mushrooms.


The traditionalists would swipe this off as a fad yet the earthy mushrooms and truffle fragrance did turn the tables on the naysayers. I am a fan already as I type and perhaps would request for a steamer's worth just for myself the next visit.


白玉王鴿 (HKD 59)

Just like crispy chicken, only better. The pigeon was probably given a good rub-a-dub before cooking hence the flavours that came through, salty with a five spice finish.


Who knew that crispy lotus root chips and carrot cake would taste so good together? Throw in chilli and make this a mamma mia delicious item.


猛虎咬豬 (HKD 39 each)


Pork Belly sliders with a name so cute, I burst out laughing. Khong Bak Pau done the modern cantonese way and I was loving every bite of the collagen rich bun specked with pickled vegetables.


Crispy battered fish filets that were almost as light as the tempura fish that I adore.


Strangely or not, I actually found the white cabbage really delicious.


The rose mantous that got the IG community quite excited. Created for Valentine's and was still on the menu when I went in March, these beautifully sculpted roses are sold in limited quantities daily and greedy me immediately booked some when I arrived.


Served with a side of sweet milk, I chose to drizzle it instead of dunking it in the milk. This was a case of prettier to look at than tastier to eat, it was just an ordinary red bean pau with a lovely exterior. Maybe "too pretty to eat" would have served its full purpose.

Hits and misses at Social Place but well worth a visit to explore other options of yumcha. It tends to get very crowded over lunch and reservations are highly recommended.

Social Place
The L. Place, 137-141 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

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