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Ping Pong Gintoneria @ Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

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Behind these doors that once belonged to the Tennis Association, Ping Pong 129 is one of the latest joints nestled in the happening Sai Ying Pun. 


Welcome to Ping Pong City after the doors get swung open.


Adults only.


There are corners like these that overlooks the fact that we are actually in the actual training grounds.


The cloth attached to the ceiling is possibly one of those things that are reminiscent of its pingpong heydays. It does remind me of a great Halloween prop.


The very photogenic bar counter with a signage that seemed to suggest a drink a day keeps the doctor away.


Their drinks are mostly gin based and hence the term gintoneria, coined for a place that sells gin.


Gin Mara, a drink not on the menu but highly recommended by the girl friend. Like a spiked soda, this was easy to drink. Served in something like looked like a glass goblet, I would suggest sharing. 

Ping Pong Gintoneria
129 Second Street

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