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Milagro Spanish Restaurant @ Orchard Central

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Friday nights and neverending queues drove us to Milagro at Orchard Central. Spanish restaurants have been increasing in numbers of late and apart from SabioCatalunya and Esquina, there are a number not authentically spanish but dishing out tapas.

Anyhow, the restaurant looked empty but tables all had reserved tags so we were lucky to nab one. 3 service staff scrambling to get the the menus to us, take our orders, chase the kitchen and then the bill. It was an arduous dinner to be honest. Short handed they may be but there were so many instances that made it seem like it needed help.


The terrarium on the table caught my eye, somewhat unusual as a decoration but I suppose this beats posies that have way shorter lifespans.


Octopus Salad

Rubbery octopus with two potato cubes and sprinkled with paprika powder. As boring as it sounds, it was certainly that way. Best of all, it was lukewarm. I sensed the chef's half heartedness in this until the rest of the dishes came along.


Braised Beef Cheek ($24)
Red wine, whipped potatoes

Burnt and served piping hot after numerous reminders and I suspect they dumped it into the microwave to expedite. The awkward sauce decoration had started to cake, I wonder how long they left it out before even plating - major major major disappointment and it is in the running for the year's worst braised beef cheek dish.


Solomillo Iberico ($26)
Grilled loin of spanish iberico pig, cooked to "pink" doneness, served with sauteed peppers, applesauce and spanish golden-fried potatoes

With a description that brought about giggles, I was definitely not expecting any surprises. Well, they still managed to surprise me with a pork loin cooked pink and a sauce that looked just like peanut sauce.

Sweet and savoury did not work at all, poorly executed and if this were iberico, it died in vain.


Since there were optional sides, we opted for a pasta and baby spinach salad. The pasta was almost laughable, blanched till almost soggy and drizzled with salt and served. Thankfully the baby spinach salad was not further mangled.

Our dinner lasted all of an hour, most of which spent waving our hands for attention and actually discouraging another table to pack up and leave. I most certainly do not wish for another table to splash money on dishes that were ill-conceived, fell flat on taste and experience a lack there of service.

Spanish food? Look further for options that was WAY better.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant
Orchard Central

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