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Mia Casa Hotel @ Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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Kennedy Town was considered far flung before the MTR opened late last year. Mia Casa was recommended by friends who praised it for its accessibility from the station and it being very spacious for Hong Kong standards.


I booked a double room and ended up with a mousehole - which could rival any boutique hotel or inns for being small. So, we were back to sharing a super single and I risked being kicked off the mattress and the husband slept with his leg bent.


The toilet was probably the largest part of the room and ignoring the parts of it being so old it was almost disintegrating, I loved the strength of the shower.


There were amentities at least.

One night and I felt I had enough of Mia Casa. Service was almost absent with no smiles, the room was basic and I had a decent sleep because of the fatigue.

Mia Casa Hotel
2 Hau Wo Street

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