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The Manhattan Fish Market @ Marina Square

Special thanks to Ying Ying for the invite and Anna for hosting us!

In my growing up years, The Manhattan Fish Market and its other friendemy were close to heart. Afterall, both offered comforting fried food and fish and chips was so affordable. This time, TMFM is back with flaming news, the Boston Lobster is making its debut appearance on the dining tables of the casual American-style seafood restaurant, only available for a limited time only, from now till end April 2015.

Within the promotional period, the famed lobster is going for only $19.90, almost 50% savings from its original price.


Happiness Infusion 
Earl Grey Tea, Lemongrass Infusion, Strawberry, Lychee 


Passionate Peach
Chamomile Tea, Lemongrass Infusion, Peach, Passionfruit


Brooklyn Sunset
Mango Juice, Strawberry

Chillers great for the hot weather! My favourite goes to Happiness Infusion.


Ocean Gems ($5.95)

Seafood with pickled vegetables that did not quite work for me, the flavours clashed and I would have preferred just a salad with a side topping of seafood.


Oyster Roulette ($7.95)
Oyster shooters

Fresh oysters with a dash of dressing that spices things up, the kind folks of TMFM suggest a game of roulade to go with this but I would gladly slurp all down!


Onion Glory ($7.95)

When Outback Steakhouse took the market by storm with the Bloomin' Onion, I regarded onion as potato's best alternative. Somehow having a fried onion was less filling than a potato and this time, TMFM has created a similar dish with the onion sliced. It also comes with a creamy dip that went well with almost all the fried foods for the night.

The following dishes were flamed infront of us, which was a novel feature.


Flaming the baby up!


Boston Lobster ($19.90) 


The flamed portion is actually relatively small compared to the rest of the lobster, a reasonably priced lobster dish I'd say. The great thing is, the rest of the lobster can also be pried open for the flesh, which was exactly what we did.


Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice-cream ($7.95)
Hot and crispy banana fritters in sizzling coconut cream topped with chocolate ice-cream

A more innovative take on goreng pisang and icecream, this certainly brought back childhood memories for me. I always loved having both a freshly fried goreng pisang and a scoop of icecream.


Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice ($15.95)
Clear the docks and make room for a satisfying flame-grilled cheeesy dory fillet on a bed of Coriander and Rosemary Herb rice.


This was more of the health conscious folks, without any of the extra seasoning of belachan or cheeses. A pleasant main course infact.


Fishy Chicky Bang Bang ($13.95)
It's a match made in cheddar cheese heaven with dory fillet on one side and chicken fillet on the other. Comes with a sunny side up, nestled on a fried spaghetti bed.


Spot the fish and chicken in a single patty!


This is one for the fickle minded who cannot decide between chicken or fish and how about both? Stuffed with cheddar cheese, it was pure joy tucking into melted cheese in between meaty bites.


Strawberry Flamin-go ($4.95)
End your meal on a high note. Mango pudding and fresh strawberries are drizzled liberally with chocolate sauce and then topped with flamed marshmallows.

A kid's favourite with strawberries and marshmellows. Dig into it to enjoy the dessert fully!


Ocean Perch Perfect ($15.95)
Flaky Ocean Perch drizzled with Fiery Hot sauce

Great for the local palette that comes with a fiery hot sauce which is fondly known as belachan. A great way to whet the appetite further and keep the senses awake.


Super Fruit Crumble

Unlike most baked fruit crumbles, this was a no bake and served with icecream in a single glass. Great for icecream lovers and digging into this was a lovely sweet finish.

TMFM and I grew up together, and this time I am glad they have new additions to their menu. Do give their limited edition items a try if you are around the 'hood!

The Manhattan Fish Market
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