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Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop @ Bedok

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I was thrilled to stumble upon Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop enroute to Fat Cat Icecream and a friend whispered that it was the ex-Red House Bakery. I have on more than one note made references to the Red House Bakery as a favourite childhood place and possibly the only place that binds me and my grandparents together.

On that note, I made several purchases hoping to relive the past - a check with them did however reveal that they are in no way related to Red House, which is a bummer but I am glad I chanced upon them for a slice of history.

Four items inclusive of two red bean buns, a sponge cake and old school cream cake cost a total of $5.10 which is reasonably priced.

The spongecake albeit ordinary looking and pretty much resembled any other sponge cake was by no means ordinary. Packed with a certain lightness, this fragrant sponge was barely oily and I can easily eat two or three of these in a single seating.

I was half expecting this to be a great disappointment - artificially coloured pink in a buttercream that seemed to smudge with a mere touch and those candied fruits are major no-nos in dessert today. For nostalgia's sake, I indulged and was most certainly glad I did because it once again had that delicious sponge that did not soak up the buttercream.

Anpan buns that I fondly remember these to be, buns with a density and stuffed with smooth red bean paste.

The buns were flying off the shelves when I went and even with fresh ones continually replenished, the neighbourhood seemed to have an insatiable appetite for these. I am certainly joining the queue for more.

Opening hours are from 945am onwards but spongecakes are only available at noon.

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop
 416 Bedok North Avenue 2

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