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Jenny Bakery @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Jenny's Cookies have been THE souvenir to lug back and infact has been promoted by every other guide available that results in the neverending queues. On a good day I was told, the queue is about an hour, and on a ridiculously bad day it can last anytime longer.


Lady luck must be shining tremendously on me that one Sunday when the girlfriend brought me there and there was no queue. ZERO.


Shutters were half down and the lady had a finger on the shut button when we scurried up. She had let another lady before me out of the shop with their famous cookies. We pleaded with her and I managed to walk out victoriously with two tins. By the way, they limit each customer to just two tins. The person after me was flatly refused and boy, did that add to my smug grin.


These cookies come in tins that change their designs every now and then. So what is the fuss many will ask?

I had mine in 4 mix (HKD 130), there is a version with 8 mix and seasonal delights include pineapple tarts and almond flakes. A whiff of the buttery fragrance made me dizzy with happiness.


One has to be a butter fan to enjoy this, otherwise ignore the queues and fuss.  In the 4 mix I have butter cookies, coffee cookies and raisin cookies. I enjoyed the flower designed ones best, melt in the mouth and so addictive.

Be warned that there are fake shops around peddaling these so just stick to the below mentioned two official shops for your Jenny goodies.

Jenny Bakery
Tsim Sha Tsui: Shop 24 Ground Floor, Mirador Mansion,54-64 Nathan Road.
Sheung Wan: 15 Wing Wo Street, Ground Floor.

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  1. Jenny bakery will be in Singapore selling their famous cookies for 2 weeks only at Junction 8 ending 27 Sep. Already sold out on some days. Check out their Facebook page @ Jenny Bakery Singapore to find out when their new stock arrives