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Fat Cat Icecream Bar @ Bedok

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Bedok is fast becoming the IT neighbourhood with hipster cafes and icecream bars taking the town by storm and still living so harmoniously with the traditional shops (think egg shops, old school bakeries and squawking bird shops too)


Fat Cat Icecream Bar, for whatever reasons it was named this way, is one hot kitty. Queues have emerged for this feline - the longest I have been told is an hour's waiting time and rainy days only spell doom for those in queue.

I wish I had a tip but it was a stoke of luck for us to endure just a 10 minute waiting time and get whisked into the cafe. For the record, it was 1ish pm on a Sunday. At that hour, I risked getting waffles and their limited plates on the brink of sold out, so weigh your pros and cons before deciding on the bewitching hour to vist.

They open at 12noon sharply on weekends.


A wall of their specialties, sweet wines are their recommendations of an oral trip to heaven.


There is a choice of charcoal waffles with a salted egg sauce or regular ones.

Go for the dark side when in doubt, the colour of the waffles are already so tempting. Crispy waffles that was able to withstand the weight of the icecream without any inch of it soaking through. I loved the density, the combination of salted egg sauce and best of all the icecream was so divine!

Butter beer was just the way I would have imagined in Harry Potter, creamy and buttery all at once.

I knew I was in heaven, one coated with sugar, spice and all things nice.

For this hot kitty, I will be back!

Fat Cat Icecream Bar
416 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-25, 460416

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