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Dead End Cafe @ Hong Kong

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Tai Ping Yang Street was an area that I was checking out and stumbled upon this cafe very aptly called Dead End Cafe. Fair enough there was nothing beyond it and being on a hill, this could not have been better named.


Menu cheats that made us rethink the fuss that most of the cafes locally engage in when it could really be as simple as printing on receipt paper.


All I could stomach was a ginger lemonade and it was truly comforting.

I loved the vibe of the place - it could accomodate the busyness of working executives taking away gourmet sandwiches (yes I wish I had space for that), the tranquility of the weekend crowd and dogs (we spotted 2 gorgeous huskies and a barkish terrior that somehow fitted in beautifully) and then an occasional cafe hopper.

In short, I cannot wait to be back in this neighbourhood.

Psst, Po's Atelier is just next door churning out French Japanese artisanal bakes.

Dead End Cafe
72 Po Hing Fong

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