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Tawandang Microbrewery @ Dempsey

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 Since Brewerkz, I have not step foot on another brewery for whatever reasons thought beer is still a favourite drink amongst the friends. Tawandang Microbrewery only came into the picture when Groupon started flushing out vouchers like never before and it seemed to good a deal to pass up. 

Thai German food is what they specialise in and truth be told, I did scoff at this fusion because it may very well just be another gastro pub and subsequently I even returned for seconds. 


Fried Morning Glory with just the stems, no leaves was a strange concept to me, yet so very delicious. 


Tom Yum Goong that lacked the lip biting spiciness with really fresh seafood. 


Pandan chicken so fragrant and tender, I can polish this off on my own.


 Pork Knuckle is a must try here, incredibly crispy and flaky, the meat falls off so easily I feel almost guilty gunning for all the crispy edges and delicious meat chunks. Sauerkraut was hardly the stunner with crisp corn kernels stealing the thunder. 


With a dab of their spicy and tangy chilli sauce, it was a mouthwatering dish to behold.


Unfortunately for me, I caved into their overpriced old coconut that did not have the tender flesh and sweet juice. 


Rice that was so prettily presented, I felt back digging my spoon into it. 


Crabmeat Omelette ($16)

The fluffiest omelette studded with crabmeat both on the inside and sprinkled outside. Just this alone and the accompanying chilli sauce was so good with rice!


Crab Curry ($68)


Unlike the local version, the thai interpretation of this is rich and savoury, the key lies in the thickness of the gravy that would pass off as a paste rather than gravy. Crab was fresh and so succulent, 1kg is just about enough for two big eaters. 


Sauteed Morning Glory ($16)

A rather ordinary stir fry. 


Dunkel Beer ($15)

I would not consider beer and me the best of friends, and this smooth one won be over. So smooth, it was the perfect pairing for all the dishes we ordered!


Spotted a beer tower that is great for sharing!



Serenaded by a very talented resident group. Thai, English and even Chinese the duo can belt out tunes from yesteryears to current hits. The best part is, they play the flute too! 


Turns out sometime mid February that they were intending to pull down their shutters for good hence having no beer for sale at all. Thankfully, they have decided to extend their operations indefinitely and I hope they can tide through these tough times. 

Both visits were memorable and I certainly look forward to more revisits. 

Tawandang Microbrewery 
Block 26 Dempsey Road

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