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Sushi Mieda @ OUE Bayfront

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To be honest, I have not heard about Sushi Mieda and trust the Husband to surprise me with a visit. Under the Tung Lok Group, they share the same building space as ME@OUE and Tong Le Private Dining with an amazing view of MBS and the river.

Reservations for the sushi counter is highly recommended though those who prefer more privacy can opt for the tables with the view or private rooms which I suspect come at a minimum expenditure.



A gold water goblet!


The usual table fare of a neatly pressed napkin, chopsticks with a paper sleeve and


Our chef for the night.

3 menus for the night with the Koufuku set, Mutukari Set and finally Omakase. We had the starter menu of koufuku.

Koufuku ($190)
Appetizer, 12 Nigiri Sushi, Ohitashi, Roll Sushi, Soup, Fruits


Trio of appetizers that always wows me - the Japanese pay so much detail to presentation that I feel bad for even eating it.


Sesame tofu makes all other factory made ones taste bad. Loved the silken texture to no end!

Sea cucumber had a chewiness that was so addictive, I would love to have it raw all the time.

Seasonal vegetables in dashi stock that was seemingly ordinary in the trio.

May the 12 courses begin and I let the pictures do the talking.






Our dinner was paused with a palette cleanser of Japanese tomato and sea salt. I have long heard about Japanese fruits and vegetables being prized matter and truly, it hardly tasted like the common fare would - sweet and juicy with a hint of spring.






With the sushi courses gone in a jiffy, I was elated when a mini chirashi don was placed infront of me - pearls of fish roe, uni chunks, freshly grated wasabi and a cucumber sliced specked with sesame seeds.


H.E.A.V.E.N. in a bite.


Loved them shrimps!


Miso soup made with a broth of clams and seafood. Every drop was precious.


Anago served with such generosity, the fish:rice ratio was indeed satisfying.


When maki appears, it possibly signals the near end of dinner which was hurray to the stomach but I so wish I had more of these delicious bites.


Tamago looking like a castella cake, sweet and savoury all at once. This is always lifechanging for me because this sets the authentic restaurants from the wannabes, big time.


As if to say they knew it was Valentine's and the chefs were thoughtful enough to incorporate elements into the meal. Strawberries and musk melon made me yearn for a visit to Japan! I could be insane to love the fruits harvested in Japan but truly, there is nothing quite like a musk melon so juicy and strawberry so sweet.


Thank you Chef for the amazing night.

The tussle between Shinji By Kanesaka and Suhshi Mieda have gone on for quite awhile now. Menu wise, Shinji had a higher starting price point for its basic menus and there was an option upfront to swop sushi courses for sashmi. It is tough to pick the better of the two, more of which would appeal.

I, however, love both to bits and a return someday will definitely be one the cards.


They were sweet enough to present us with a wrapped present! Pun intended.


A sweet sparkling sake that went well with most of our proteins in a separate dinner.

Gan bai!

Sushi Mieda
OUE Bayfront

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