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SUJU Revisited @ Mandarin Gallery

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A return to SUJU happened too quickly because of the $30 voucher they issued with every $100 spent and the most ironic thing is, I failed to remember that it was only applicable from Monday - Wednesday. For a Friday night, it was close to running at full capacity and reservations are always necessary.


Kurubuta Shabu Shabu Salad ($22)

My idea of shabu shabu comes complete with slices of thin pork belly that are melt in the mouth quality. Clearly in this salad, they overcooked it rendering it somewhat rubbery and served in a plate of blanched greens and topped with a sauce that did not quite marry the ingredients together.

For an appetizer that costs as much as a mains, I thought this was a letdown.


Ebiten Salad Roll ($21)


In its full glory, this was a pretty sushi roll with a humongous deep fried prawn portioned out - it did look a little like a magic trick with the magician teasing about body parts and linking them back again.

Anyhow, it was a cross between a western salad in a Japanese tempura prawn and ended up with a Korean bimbap dipping sauce.


Kaisen Chirashi ($38)
Assorted sashimi on rice, miso soup, pickles


I have probably had too many memorable chirashi dons to wave this off as delicious, nothing more. Fresh fish on a bed of copper pot cooked rice, how bad can that get? The short grained rice however made it less chewy than desired and the miso was more vegetarian that its usual seafood base.


 Almond Pudding ($12)

Clumpy in texture but this was a good enough organic take on the famed soya bean pudding. Mild traces of powder but otherwise, pretty good.

SUJU once and now twice, I would say I have had enough two visits. The third will not be so soon while I grapple with its popularity amongst the Japanese crowd.

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