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Sorrel @ Boon Tat Street

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One fine and dandy day, a friend whatsapped me and asked if I would recommend Sorrel - at that point, I did not but I kept the name in my head and decided on an impromptu lunch. No reservations required yet - I figure by the time most people have raved enough about this up and coming gem, it would be hard to get a table.


There are 2 menus available - 3 courses at $45++ and 5 courses at $88++. Complete trust had to be given to the team to whip up a creation based on the day's freshest produce and catch. I am beginning to enjoy the idea of a kaiseki beyond the borders of the Japanese cuisine. The element of surprise, is addictive.


I was most certainly looking forward to the meal brought to me by these creative men. 


Amuse bouche of a curry cracker was presented, one bite and it was all gone. Loved the mild curry flavour in that mouthful of crispiness.


Formage Blanc, Peas, Ikura, Pomelo, Wasabi

Presentation warrants top marks and it being so photogenic did help loads. Tuck into the creation of peas and fish roe with the sweet pomelo sacs and crisp sorrel leaf that possibly tasted least like a plant. The cheese bulb within was definitely a surprise find amidst the grassy appetizer.


Wagyu Beef, Sweet Bread

Braised till tender and the beef still retained most of its bite and flavour. The sweet bread was a highlight for me, given I do not take innards of any sort yet I was enjoying every ounce of this.


Beer Sorbet, Candied Bacon Cake

Candied bacon cake sounded very festive, almost good enough to be sold as a CNY offering. The fizzy beer sorbet provided much comfort with a texturally interesting bacon cake. Surprisingly both flavours worked up a storm and I was scraping my plate for more.

The 3 course ended too quickly, service was brisk and food was exceptional. Watch out for Sorrel being one of the hottest tables in time to come, lots of technique showcased and for now, dinner beckons.


I found amusement in one of their many art installations. In this particular one which I aptly christianed pigs can fly, it does apply to many aspects of life - dining too. If every meal was as good as this, pigs can really fly.


More of them pigs, I cannot wait to be back for more pig outs!

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