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Ristorante Takada Revisited @ Alexandra Road

Restaurant Week came and went and I only had time for one, infact, I was so impressed with their set menus that I thought they were undercharging at $35++ for a dinner menu during Restaurant Week.

Word could have gotten out that Takada was offering good food at great value which resulted in a booked out week and I was thankful for the table I managed to nab.

How different was this from their usual dinner? I take you through my epicurean journey.


3 Kinds of Mixed Appetizer

Burrata, tuna tartare and proscuitto ham all on a plate only means belly happiness. I thought portions were small but for $35++ I really cannot complain.


Mushroom Cappucino that actually tasted better this round, more intense flavours here and I suspect could be the richness of the stock towards the bottom of the pot.


Crusty baguettes were still offered, as was their butter slices. 


Fettucine "Koubako" Crab, Ginger Peperoncino

First up, it was perhaps wrong of me to assume that "koubako" crab meant a breed of crab along the lines of alaskan snow crab or well, just real crab.

And then, it turns out to be artificial crabmeat that I have eaten all my life from school canteens to steamboats and then it appears in a dish from a Japanese Italian Restaurant. Almost insulting really, maybe serving this with just olive oil would have been better.

So I was not impressed with the crab and the egg pasta was just alright. None of the fireworks that sent both the husband and I to the moon.

On hindsight, I was thankful I did not top up for the Tagliolini Hokkaido Sea Urchin which turned out to be a case of too much pasta with a sliver of sea urchin.


Wagyu Roast Beef with Fig Balsamico Sauce

Portions are measly with just two slices of roast beef that were in comparison loads better than my pasta, just nothing to shout about.


Maccha Tiramisu


The same kind of delight that I derived from this green tea flavoured tiramisu, hands and forks down as delicious. Finally, a course that reminded me of its brilliance.


Even the petit fours were miniaturised. 

There were supplements at every course but the ones above were part of the menu.  RW is not the best way to enjoy Takada, infact, the experience is lacking and a shadow of what they are really capable of.

Ristorante Takada

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  1. err... as far as i understand koubako crab is snow crab.

    indeed, your picture seems to indicate that it is snow crab that you have been served