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Rabbit Carrot Gun Revisited @ East Coast Road

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It has been eons since I last visited Rabbit Carrot Gun and things seemed to have improved for them with reservations a must over weekends in order to nab a table for brunch - as early as 11am. Kids were spotted this time round and staff went around with baskets of sweets for the "well behaved children" - very smart tactic indeed. Happy kids = Happy parents = Happy meal.


Beef Burger ($19)


I certainly was not expecting any Bergs Burger equivalent here, yet a very competent one was pulled out of the rabbit's hat. Toasted brioche buns with a crumbly beef patty and the most delicious of fries served with just ketchup and mayo. If anything, the portions were well worth the price.


Eggs Benedict ($13.50)


Eggs Royale ($16.50)

The consistency of the poached eggs varied which was a disappointment. I loved the muffin texture though, they tasted really like the famous M.


Coffee Walnut ($6.50)

Purportedly the owner's gran's recipe. The cake was slightly stiff but the coffee cream was scrummylicious, I also loved the addition of walnuts.


Carrot Cake ($6.50)

I give it the benefit of the doubt that cakes are not wildly popular over Valentine's hence this ended up sitting in the fridge for a longer period than expected. Plus, the owner was so sweet to replace and waive this.

Hands down, amazing service recovery.


Juice ($7.50)

My juice that was supposed to help fill me with enough anti oxidants for the day, a tad grassy.

They have improved a fair bit since the last visit, which really explains the crowds now. A reasonably priced brunch hangout and child friendly too - parents do note!

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road

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