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Portico Revisited @ Alexandra

The shadow of the Ultimate Fries from Portico must have been haunting me too much, I had to return with a huge gang just to tick it off my lust-list. It still amazes me how it is not flooded with people given their service level, food quality and value for money dishes.

Then again, I do enjoy a chill place and would prefer if I did not have to fight for a seat.

Dilemma I say. 


Ultimate Fries ($46)

800 grams of straight cut fries with a ridiculously indulgent topping of parmesan shavings, black truffles and gold flakes. The only difference between their more manageable portions is the expensive adornments but otherwise, the single portions are good enough. For the kick of it, this had to be the most extravagant fries I have ever shared and well, food always tastes better when shared.


Not such a side kick of a mushroom truffle cream sauce, infact this was fingerlicking delicious.

Chicken Salad that spelt hearty and wholesome with a perfect poached egg - must be the doings of the sous vide yet I am not complaining. I have had enough run ins with overcooked poached eggs.


Grass Fed Ribeye ($26)

Loved the blushing pink and a consistent pink through too. The ribeye was cooked till tender and it was so juicy! Particularly adored the potato gratin that comprised of thin slices stacked together and baked.


Portico Cheese Burger, Homemade Fennel Brioche, Ketchup and BBQ Sauce, Battered Onion Rings ($26)


Classic Fish and Chips, Crushed Peas and Mint from Our Garden ($21)

Possibly the island's best rendition of an old English classic. Mashed peas is an uncommon side yet they pulled it off quite brilliantly, it instantly became my favourite side next to fries.


I love how sea bass is used instead of boring dory, giving this a flaky and firmer texture. The battered crust was so delicious, I was definitely guarding my dish and not sharing.

I have raved about this before, brunch, during a tasting and now dinner. Consistently good and I am looking forward to more of their gourmet adventures.

#01-10, 991B Alexandra Rd

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