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Portico @ Alexandra

Special thanks to Nabeel and Chef Nixon for hosting!

"Something Old, Something New - A modern take on comfort favourites" is this year's first installment of Restaurant Week theme. Chef Nixon and his team of Portico have presented a menu based on memories of the chefs.

For just one week only starting March 14, Portico together with a host of other restaurants will be presenting menus based on the theme to showcase their other culinary abilities beyond keeping to what the restaurants are known for.

While this may be a daring attempt for some, Chef Nixon is quick to point out that this is infact a trip down memory lane for most as the team has racked their brains for a creative spin on it.


"Penang Laksa"
Assam broth, mint and pineapple salsa, crispy mackerel, fish noodle, pickled ginger and lettuce slaw


Presented in a deconstructed manner, the ingredients are laid beautifully before the shower of assam broth. Mackerel is served crispy unlike the authentic version where the broth is made from the bones. I loved the tangy finish and novel touches which includes a bouncy fish noodle. Whether old is gold, I leave it to your tastebuds but I did enjoy the modern version.


"Beef Satay"
8 hours sous vide oyster blade in satay spices, shallot rings, puffed "ketupat", burnt cucumber puree

My idea of satay is usually on skewers but Portico presented a version that made hawker food more premium. Especially with the usage of oyster blade for a meatier bite, I loved the ingenuity of puffed rice to replace ketupat and the all too familiar peanut sauce.

Unlike every hawker center satay order where I always end up wishing there were more sticks, portions are just nice for this.


"Milo Dinosaur"
Milo panna cotta, milo "powder", cocoa shiratama


To be honest, I grew up knowing about Milo Dinosaur but have never ordered it because of its sheer size and we usually go over with ordering prata and its variants. Chef Nixon's rendition blew me away - disclaimer: portions are not to scale since he wanted to stuff us silly. I had a mug full of happiness, a wobbly delectable panna cotta with rice balls coated with milo powder and lastly a ton of milo powder and pop rocks were topped to make this THE milo dessert.

I can only say, I wish I can eat my fill of milo dinosaur for the whole restaurant week and possibly hope not to crave it again since it is limited edition!

The above all go for an affordable tune of $35++, only during Restaurant Week. Lunch menu includes Cold Fish Tofu, Chicken Rice Risotto and Bubur Chacha. Great value for both dinner and lunch menu!


If stomach space permits, I would suggest ordering their Truffle Fries ($12). Junk food in its element - yummy and greasy all at once.



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