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Pita Pan @ Marina Square

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Pita Pan had a playful take on Peter Pan but by no means related to the fairytale with its Mediterranean Cuisine. This started out as a vegetarian cafe has emerged and transformed to include meat options.


Platter with Chicken Shwarma ($28.90)

The platter is definitely enough for 2 or more with the varieties of sides combined into one. A best way to taste what Pita Pan has to offer.


Chicken Schwarma which I would identify as chicken kebab. The gritty and meaty bits straight off the kebab stand, delicious!


Chickpea hummus which actually tastes authentic, at least this is close to what we had in a good Turkish restaurant in Istanbul. 


Cucumber cous cous salad, one of those refreshing salads that I never fail to order.


A salad comprising of my favourite vegetables.


That is my greedy version of a pita pocket stuffed with all the condiments from the platter. One hearty pocket with a heap of good things, I say the pocket is a thoughtful alternative to wraps or even two slices of bread because the fillings are kept snug within.


Red Shashuka ($11.90)


Green Shashuka ($11.90)

Greedy is having them both to decide which is really better - the pesto and tomato war is hard to win. Choose red for a tangy finish but green for a somewhat grassy aftertaste with all the greens that go into it.


Once again, with their magic pita pockets that make sandwiches look bad with the leaking of stuffings already.


On a normal basis, I would not even bat an eyelid at a Mediterranean Pizza but falafel had me at hello.


Crumbled falafel topped with cheese had to be the next best thing to pineapples and ham on a pizza base.

I would be heading to Pita Pan more often to check out their other delights, two visits is surely not enough for this joint!

Pita Pan
Marina Square

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