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Nuffnang 8irthday @ Da Paolo, Rochestor Park

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It could be age catching up and gone are the days where I get invited to 21st birthday parties or bashes and these days it is mostly about weddings, full months and almost kid's birthdays.

So thenNuffnang turned a youthful Eight and I was invited to their bash.

Hosted at Da Paolo Bistro at Rochestor Park, I found the place a huge maze!

I was welcomed by the infinity art piece done with the fellow Nuffnangers. Creative mesays.


Silver, gold and white was the theme for the day.


No wiser words. We only get better with age, yes?

Snitched off Missus Chewy's camera, here is us and the reigning Queen of Blogs. 

Time to tuck in, with a spread thoughtfully prepared by the kind folks of Da Paolo.


What is a birthday without cake?


No party is complete without a dessert table!


My idea of a timeless dessert, cupcakes.


8 is great, let's aim for infinity.


#nuffnang8irthday #nuffnangsg


Now I really want to get invited to a themed wedding.


Glittery tags that screamed look at me, loved the posh nosh touch to it.


Table posies.


How did everything look so photogenic?


Even the food looked extra delicious.


If I must, please give the chocolate caramel tarts a try, these were plumped with enough mousse that gave me a brain freeze from satisfaction. I just wish I had more room for another! 

Amidst the rara, I and a few other bloggers had so much fun at the photobooth! Gone are the days where photobooths were just about snapping stills and getting printouts, they now exist as GIF takeaways. 
That's Maureen, me, CharleneAndy and Philip goofying around!

Thank you sponsors once again for the fabulous time! Happy Birthday to Nuffnang once again, it has been awesome working with you and I look forward to more adventures.

Venue: Da Paolo 
Photobooth:  Hello Stranger
Event Stylists: 
Entertainment: Hubba Bubbas
Dessert: Butter Studio

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