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Gurney Drive @ Georgetown, Penang

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Gurney Drive is to Penang what Newton Food Center is to Singapore. Before we even step foot on Penang, I knew I had to pay Gurney Drive a visit just to have an idea what this iconic hawker center is all about. Right smack next to Gurney Plaza (which has a cinema and a full fledged shopping center!) and a hotel, this place was buzzing with people and driving may not be the best option since the roads leading up to it were lined with illegally parked cars.

I would suggest getting a cab or just renting a car and parking it at Gurney Plaza before walking over.

I had my eye on just two dishes to attempt, namely Pasembur and Apom.


Pasembur or Indian Rojak as we fondly know it as. Turned out, there was more than one stall selling it and they all had the same poster.




He claimed that the guy in the photo was away for the day and I actually spotted him at another stall! Talk about being scammed.


He even had the cheek to smile for me.


Our very messy plate of everything that came up to RM 15. Definitely not cheap and very pricey infact, it was just sweet sauce dousing all the ingredients leaving us without a clue what exactly we were eating.


My super duper very overpriced coconut from Thailand purchased in Penang.


With a very disgruntled stomach, I headed for Apom which is the equivalent of our crispy min jiang kueh. Thankfully there was just one stall offering it AND the epic moment happened.


The Apoms on sale needed a 60 minute wait because

1) The machine probably was not as efficient as the volume of orders
2) Some hungry diner probably ordered enough to feed a party of people


So the next best alternative they threw at us were these banana pancakes that were flipping by the side.


Insanely sweet, I ended up with more than I could eat and barely made it past a pancake.

I left with my curiosity satisfied. Overhyped place that does not represent what the rest of Penang can offer.

Gurney Drive

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