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Ginzawa @ Palais Rennaisance

Special thanks to Jia En for the invite!


Palais Rennassance has undergone so many rounds of refurbishments that I kind of miss the old tenant listing, the older facade and vibe that the place gives. Apart from the fact that it is home to one of the celebrity hairdresses in town, I remember it for Marmalade Pantry as the tai-tai place to be at.

Reminiscing aside, Ginzawa is the latest addition in this swanky side of Orchard. Boasting of an authentic Japanese classic menu that has been elevated with a modern touch.  Ginzawa’s menu, conceptualised by Chef Donny Tan, focuses on the many facets of Japanese cuisine, with kaisekis, chirashis, lunch set dons and seasonal omakase.


Sake Kinuta Maki ($12) 
Pickled daikon, salmon, seaweed
The appetizer was beautiful, and a really complicated intricately put together dish.


A roulade made of radish, salmon, seaweed and chrysanthenum, it looked too pretty to eat. And I did, the vinegar gave this an acidic touch, which was a lovely start to the meal ahead. The Japanese have a whole theory about pickles and to count the number of varieties would be a task of its own.


Sakura Ebi Mizuna Salad ($22)

Looking just like a rojak made with a flurry of premium ingredients - think Japanese beancurd skin, sakura ei and a soy based dressing. It prodded the senses a weebit more, giving life to the ingredients that I would hardly throw into a salad and call it one.

Having semi cooked sakura ebi did make this extra delicious, one more order chef!


Wagyu Tataki ($30)

Wagyu beef seared on one side to attain such a droolsome shade of red, portions are good enough for one but definitely not for two beef lovers. The marbling also made this ultra fatty and slurpworthy.


Tempura Moriawase ($35)
Anago Ippon Age, Uni Tempura, Amaebi Hotate Kakiage

Tempura always gets me happy, fried food has been my ultimate comfort food since the days of keropok. We were pampered with a scallop and sea urchin fry!


The next bestest way to consuming sea urchin next to raw is tempura. Loved the creamy bursts of heaven.


Tai Moto Yaki ($22)

Grilled snapper and cream cheese, torched but the eureka moment for this dish happened in what looks like a odd egg with more yolk than white.


Squid stuffed with fish roe, such an exquisite delight. The chewy texture of squid and crunchiness of the roe was too good to stop at one.


Kurobuta Tsuke Soba ($20)

Think Soba and I think Shimbashi Soba for its texture and slurp factor. Ginzawa does a fairly decent attempt on this.


Loved this finely sliced pork pieces.


Ohhhh so yummy, for a lack of a better description. I could launch into the whole rara about it but enjoy fresh soba for its mildly starchy texture and never look at store bought ones again.


The condiments that made all the difference. Toss everything into the dipping sauce for that spicy afterkick.


One bowl of gastronommy.


Tokusen Hokkai Chirashi Don ($50) (only available in lunch set)

This takes the title for most photogenic chirashi don ever! 12 types of raw seafood with a special addition of uni and prawn too. The seafood changes according to availability of fish, my chirashi had – Hotate, Kinmedai, Tai, Otoro, Botan Ebi, Shima Aji, Akami, Buri, Ikura and Uni.


Hi there firefly squid! Lots of detail went into a single bowl, from yuzu shavings to vinegared rice and the composition of the seafood.


Kurobuta Zaku Don ($35) (only available in lunch set) 

Kurobuta Pork Belly Don served with braised pork belly that has been simmering in herbs and spices for a good 48 hours. Loved the savoury and sweet combination that is the winning recipe for hearty, wholesome and yum. The seaweed made this look just like the rice version of ramen.


Wagyu Saikoro ($48)

Wonderfully charred, these meaty bites filled with enough juice and oil to make me head straight to heaven. Wagyu was most justified cooked this way. 


Warabi Mochi (not available in menu) 

I was most privileged to get to try the restaurant manager's handmade warabi mochi. Even in Japan, these are tricky desserts to do and these dissolved like jelly. 

Ginzawa strikes a posh pose with the location and quality of food offered. There could be a dozen and one other Japanese outlets around the area but this, is certainly worth a visit. 

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