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Crodo Mania

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Crodos look set to stay with their consistent sell out at Da Paolo and limited editions that seek to revolutionise the way we look at traditional sweets. Here's a chowdown of the crodos that I have so faithfully camped out and nabbed.

Seasalt Caramel ($4.90)

This is my personal favourite from Da Paolo's, the impeccable balance of sweet and savoury nailed to a T, this sugary treat is catapulted to best of. I loved every bite and wished just for that extra crodo to satisfy.





Nutella goes with nearly anything, including crodos.

cookies and cream

Cookies and Cream

This is my least favourite somehow. It cookies and cream filling were ordinary.

Salted Egg Custard and White Lotus Paste ($5.50)

In conjunction with Mid-Autumn, they released 2 flavours. These were completely sold out online and were left with in-store purchases. I loved the lotus paste frosting on top, disliked the fondant taste but the ingenious usage of salted egg custard into this modern day dessert made it the best of the series. I wish they could continue as a permanent flavour. 


Glazed ($4.90)

A brand new flavour that will remain on the main menu is glazed that comes with a marshmellow frosting that is slightly sticky and sweet. After all the fussy flavours they have, I am actually loving this plain crodo to bits.

Gold Coin ($5.50)


Yet another limited edition with an orange custard filling and gold shimmer on top - resembles the chinese coin to a T. I adore the seasonal hints in this that makes this extra festive.

I am not sure how long my fascination with crodos will last but for now, they have replaced donuts and croissants.

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