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Ban Heang @ Macalister Road, Penang


Ban Heang like Ghee Hiang are household names in Penang and when it comes to souvenirs, these are perhaps just one of the many names to consider. Ban Heang prides itself on its fiercely guarded family recipes for their biscuit range.


Gotta love their wall mural, so very signature of Penang!


I could not resist these Beh Teh Saws, flaky pastry encassing a sticky chestnut paste filling. I found the pastry a tad dry.

The range of items available is a mind boggling list - I even bought nutmeg balm and oil from them! Talk about business diversification really, there is a cafe to snack on these pastries made fresh and eat an icecream even!

Ban Heang
200 Macalister Road

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