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Ah Yat Seafood @ Turf Club

I am not a fan of dining out during CNY, being rushed through dinner because of the numerous seatings a restaurant has and being subject to less than desirable food standards but, there are occasions I need to go through the fanfare.

Ah Yat Seafood was one of the places arrange for CNY dinner and it was full - two seatings and I am certainly not surprised despite its far flung location.

With dinner sets with auspicious names like "Fortune", "Treasure" and "Luxury", either set we pick sets the tone for a bountiful year ahead!


Raw Salmon Yusheng "Lo Hei"

All pre-prepared ahead of time, amidst all the resounding huats in the restaurant, I completed by 6th and hopefully last Lo Hei of the year.


Roasted Meat Combination

This was starting to look a little like a banquet dinner and I had the fattiest char siew ever which was hardly enjoyable and the best things in this combination were the octopus and jelly fish - both were straight off a tub for sure.


Poached Live Prawn

A ton of fresh prawns without any of the fanciful adornments.


Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat

I was glad at least shark's fins could be tasted in the watery broth.


Steamed Dragon Tiger Garoupa in HK Style

Fresh water fish with bland tasting flesh in an oily soya sauce.


Stewed Whole 8 pc Abalone with Mushroom with Vegetable

A cheap version of poon choy with the main ingredients inside, I suppose this could be the reason for CNY dinners then. At least there were abalones for each of us.


Braised Efu Noodle with Mushroom

Wordlessly bad, lacking in both flavour and texture. It was probably on the shoulders of a trainee cook to deliver countless plates of overfried noodles for the night.


Roasted Crispy Chicken

Possibly the best dish of the night.


Sweeten Red Bean Soup

Thankfully the last course, an overly sweetened red bean soup.

I have enough faith that they present better food on normal days and over festive periods where places over charge and under deliver, they unfortunately fall in the same category. 

$598++ for 10 pax

Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
200 Turf Club Road #03-01/02
Main Grandstand Turf City

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  1. I tried their set menu quite disappointed too. It is way heaven and hell between the set and a la carte menu.