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Xiao Xiao Niao Pancake @ Lebur Carnavon

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A few streets away from Chulia Mansion Hotel is Lebuh Carnavon. Two days in a row I walked past the this street, walked past a certain uncle and his pancake cart. Driven by desperation to try Apom after the epic failure at Gurney Market, I had to pick this up last minute before I bade the town good bye.


Spot the uncle! He claims he works rain or shine, unless there is a compelling reason he will be there. Speaks volumes about dedication of the yesteryears.


Pardon the funny shop name that reads loosely small small bird, but I made my order of Banana Apom, made to order. On a frivolous note, nowhere else can I find a street snack costing RM 0.90 in Singapore, even Mcdees' icecream costs SGD 0.80.


Having been around for fifteen years, Uncle says he started this business in Air Itam. I cannot imagine how much this would have cost fifteen years back - RM 0.4?


He was so kind and kept apologising for my wait time and even took heart to explain what this was - with his knowledge he rattled off the equivalent names by country. He says Singaporeans call this Min Jiang Kueh. I suppose my fellow counterparts have paid his stall a visit through the years and educated him so.

Hot and toasty served up fresh in my hand as I ran back to the car. I could cry from the effort that goes into this wafer thin pancake that was so crunchy at the edges and still doughy in the center. Bananas and peanuts is a winning combination and go back such a long way.

Thank you uncle, this Apom certainly ended the trip on a beautifully sweet note. Until we next meet!

Xiao Xiao Niao Pancake
Lebur Carnavon

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