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Two Wings @ Bukit Merah


Think Chicken Wings and I think IKEA. Call me noob but the hawker center ones have been edged out by the cheap juicy grilled ones from the IKEA Canteen. Until of course Two Wings came about and decided to change the rules of the game.

Housed in a coffeeshop that actually works on a table reservation system - it is both a mind boggling and challenging game of patience to play. I reserved by table through Two Wings but when I arrived it seemed that a crowd had gathered for any of the eateries located there - Think Immanuel French Kitchen, Stew Küche and even Seasalt.

Try grabbing a table with the blue checked plastic cloth - at least those are reserved for Two Wings customers. Head over to the stall to order and wait for the SMS to arrive to collect your food.

My festive platter meant for 6 but both of us attempted to polish it off quite unceremoniously.


Chicken Wings (6pcs, $12.50)

The recipe has been passed from generation to generation since the 1960s. Immensely crunchy exterior that was so addictive, the skin was polished off in a jiffy to reveal the juicy innards. Never had a chicken wing so satisfying...until Two Wings of course.


Their specially concocted chilli sauce recipe is a killer - almost perfect with the fried foods on the menu. I loved it for the pleasant spiciness and its tangyness that makes it oh-so-delicious.


Sweet Potato Fries

These sweet potato fries were good enough to give french fries a run for their money - mildly sweetened with a caramelized crunch.


Chicken Strips (8 pcs, $6.50)

Juicy breaded strips that would make any fast food joint look bad for serving up questionable nuggets. 

Onion Rings ($3)

For once, these breaded onion rings are made of real whole onions and coated with a batter so light, it was a tough fight between fries and onion rings.


Mozzarella Sticks

As if I was not a big enough cheese fan, these mozzarella sticks were equally devilish. Loved how the mozzarella strands went on for nearly forever in their chewiness. 


Buffalo Wings

New on the menu, this is a first time that buffalo wings are not sold in varying degrees of spiciness, theirs comes with a pleasant tangy finish. Finger licking good? You bet.


I would caution about the beverage options at the coffee shop, apart from Eskimo that serves watered down juices, smoothies and yakult blends there is only beer available at Stew Küche.

Two Wings
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1

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