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Tiger Char Koay Teow @ Cafe Ping Hooi, Penang


I have heard so much about Penang's Char Koay Teow, I had a list of places to try in my bid to hunt down the most delicious plate. The first place attempted is Tiger Char Koay Teow located within Cafe Ping Hooi.


Hard to miss this stall right at the front with a mascot to boot. Ordering was easy peasy, just tell the cook your order, pay up and get seated. They even deliver to the coffee shop two doors away!


RM 6 with duck's egg as everyone says is a must. Apart from it looking very different from our blackened version, this was marginally better. I ordered for spicy and it barely stung the tongue.

Here are snaps of the rest of the coffeeshop.




Tiger Char Koay Teo
Cafe Ping Hooi

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