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The Cheesecake Factory arrives at NTUC Warehouse!

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Hands up who has not been to NTUC Warehouse at Joo Koon yet?

For a hypermart fan, I was somewhat disappointed with the range and chaos. With most of the items there for just one shipment, it is hard to ascertain the categories of groceries within those two floors. I could find a brand of cornflakes on one and the rest on the second floor.

I was surely gunning for the Kirkland Kettle Chips since they were gigantic sized and very reasonably priced. Alas, there were also a colony of people who were likeminded and wiped out every single packet before I got there.

Turning my attention to The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes then, since I do not foresee myself flying 15,000 kilometers to New York City to get into their queues, I thought why not just get one of those deep freeze cheesecakes.


Just one flavour - Strawberry Cheesecake. At $32 over dollars, it was not steal. Granted that if it were that great, I need not fork out that $2,000 air ticket to fly over. Translates to nearly a hundred cheesecakes.

Packaging was very thoughtful, between slices there were papers to make it simple - no fuss of slicing with a blunt knife and ruining the rest of the cake. Each slice could be removed brainlessly.

The only downside existed for those looking for a whole cake as this was already precut.


For the moment of truth - it was way too sweet to comprehend. Did the Americans have such a sweet tooth or was the fame mostly built on hype. Judging The Cheesecake Factory over a box of imported cake may be too much but I reserve my comments until the real visit. For now, I will not be returning for yet another box with the remaining half of cake still sitting snug and frosty in my freezer.

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  1. Americans have a sweeeet tooth! Imo Cheesecake Factory is overhyped.

    1. haha i'm also another who thinks its do people even digest that kind of sugar!