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Street Art Trail @ Georgetown, Penang

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Known for street art, that was one of the attractions for me especially in Georgetown, an area that had been conferred one of UNESCO Heritage sites around the world. I would recommend doing this trail early in the morning at around 8am, without the heat and crowds that would make phototaking a lengthy and arduous process.

There are murals and street installations to capture and while there are street trails with exact pieces to look out for, it is always a joy to stumble upon one or two on your own.


The great thing about these metal installations is they tell a story, a story about Penang and the district which made walking around very fun.


Minions take over the town and I thought this was a really cute piece.


Enter into Lebur Armenian where most tourists would congest.


Some more stories!


I name this magician gone wrong and everyone tried to replicate the shocked faces.


This is almost hard to spot on a regular touristy day since there will be crowds of people surrounding the store right next to it.


Ice balls! A thing of my mom's era which she fondly remembers as a precious treat costing just 10 cents and she would share it with a friend as it would be cheaper. I cannot imagine eating ice kachang with my hands but that's nostalgia for you.


Uber cute mascots!


The famous hokkien mural.



Hidden in an alley is a cat, the start of the series of cat murals. Infact this is the beginning of the 12 cat murals along the stretch.


Just opposite are a couple of penguins.


The all famous bicycle one! While most people queue for a snap with it, I actually prefer it just the way it is.


The start of the many cats, I ones on the bamboo sticks were too cute! Modelled like the real animals.


And the reason for the cat chase - a rambunctious mouse. Totally captures the fear of the poor mouse in a single wall.


This mural was blocked by a line of bicycles up for hire.


Another beautifully captured cat and rat chase.


I found this at an owl-themed cafe, not exactly part of the cat exhibition but I thought it was so cute!


This is the ever famous chair-boy-tin mural that has everyone clamouring to be on that seat. The stall where this mural is found sells coconut icecream, another time I suppose!


Lots of eateries line this street trail and I chanced upon Ming Xiang Tai, Penang's answer to irresisitible pastries, or so they claim.


I love pastry shops because of the fragrance that makes going into the shop a must.


Spotting this sign from afar made me crave egg tarts.


Old school was the theme of their decor.


The buzz behind the counter, staff dressed in their signature yellow tops.


Flaky, buttery pastry that reminded me of a portugese egg tart but the custard was way too sweet.


Yet another photogenic corner of a pair of children lusting for buns in the steamer at the back of a bicycle. I'd love to live in that era, where food was so down to earth.


Another shot of my favourite street mural.


I can imagine the honest days of pedalling their fresh bakes.


Last but not the very least, the mural to signal the start of Chew Jetty.


Chew Jetty is a settlement of houses on water, they are mostly touristy these days but back in those days they were one of the more prominent jettys as compared to the rest.


The things I wish for in 2015.


The view right at the end of the jetty, a calming sight awaits!

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