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Plain Vanilla spreads some CNY love

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I am usually quick to jump onto the band wagon with Plain Vanilla's festive bakes and for this CNY, I stumbled upon their festive cupcakes. Promptly got them for dessert one day.

Are you already feeling the festive spirit?


Orange Butter


Butter cake with a runny butter innard and topped with and orange infused frosting and orange zest. This is perhaps their first fruity flavour without chocolate with the exception of strawberry white chocolate, the flavour did not quite work for me, neither did the cake texture.




This had to be their idea of pineapple tart in a cupcake and I was not impressed. Based on the crumbly texture of the cake, eating was a mess in itself much less trying to savour the flavours.

This had to be the first time I am actually finding flavours to dislike from PV - maybe these initial bakes were kitchen experiments, I cannot be sure. Their other festive bakes include Pineapple Tarts ($28) and Bak Kwa Cookies ($36).

These festive flavours are 30 cents up from their usual prices.

Plain Vanilla
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