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Penang Road Famous Chendol @ Jalan Keng Kwee, Penang

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Lebuh Keng Kwee is possible the most food studded street within Georgetown. It took a bus ride with compliments of C.A.T for me to realise the existence of this lane. While it may look like just another street in the early hours of 10am and before, once the shutters open and crowds appear, this street takes on another life of its own.


Putting words into action, the streets get filled with throngs of people and cars that whizz by threaten their safety but in the minds of all of us in the queue - it is the outcome that makes it all worthwhile be it Char Koay Teow, Chendol, Curry Mee or Assam Laksa.

All within the same lane infact. 


With at least 10 people in line, the queue moved rather briskly thankfully. The queues for the Char Koay Teow can be mistaken for Chendol so please queue correctly!


Just one dessert they serve without any variety but that is enough to keep the crowds coming back. The lady behind me once slurped up 3 bowls to quench her thirst and satisfy her craving. Place your order, watch the uncle dunk ingredients in order before handing over the bowl.


The rest of the charmed customers.


My precious bowl of chendol, laced with gula melaka, a dash of syrup and chockfuls of red beans and jelly strips. As compared to its Malacca cousin, this was lighter on coconut milk which made drinking more than one bowl actually possible in the sweltering heat!


For more of the nostalgic kicks, pay some attention to this pushcart located very near the chendol store.

Penang Road Famous Chendol
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