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Nicher 焼き菓子 @ Seng Poh Road

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Someone told me that men who cook are crazily delicious, correction - attractive. Then again, most chefs are men and so are bakers. In this 21st century, throw in youth and you get an equation for a very eligibele bachelor.

Meet Chef Melvin Koh who decided to make a difference in a coffee shop that garners crowds from the curry rice stall. At its peak, there were at least twenty people in line. My attention is drawn towards Nicher, helmed by a young man with a baking passion.

His usual menu includes muffins, loaf cakes and occasionally chiffon cakes. I only had two flavours of loaf cakes to choose from - Orange and Green Tea Matcha. Sold in full and half loaves, these are prettily packaged in either kraft bags or paper boxes with floral prints.

The orange loaf was an old school butter cake with candied orange bits. Admittedly I was won over by a young man baking but having too much sugar in my butter cake did not sit too well with me.

My hopes of trying out all his bakes were instantly dashed - I can have my cake and choose not to eat it.

8am - 3pm
Whilst the fresh bakes last.

Seng Poh Road

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