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Mr Berlin @ One Shenton Way

Special thanks to Josephine and Dominic for the hospitality!

Mr Berlin lays claim on Singapore's original German Currywurst, promising a tangy, sweet and spicy adventure. This hole in wall concept caters to a ravenous lunch crowd and a beer guzzling pub crowd once the clock strikes 7.


What is happy hour without a pint? Or two.

Weihenstephan Weissbeer or Weihenstephan Lager to drink the blues away. Full pints come served in a glass boot! I found these German beers just the prefect accompaniment with the food to come.


German Bratswurst ($9.80)
Cheese Bratswurst ($9.80)
Hot Dog ($8.50)

Currywursts alert! Take your pick between chicken or pork sausage with a choice of chilli sauce with varying levels of spiciness. Berlin Calling, Go West,  Break the Wall for maximum pleasure.

For the local palette, I say Break the Wall is a comfortable level of spiciness despite being it's ultimate. Expect no tongue on fire but a tinkling kind of spicy.


Sides are available in the form of freshly baked bread rolls or fries, both the organic farmer's bread and bread roll were fabulously done. The bread lover in me found it hard to pick a favourite.


Hot Dog Special ($9.50)

When in doubt, just go for the Hot Dog Special that comes with Nuernberger veal sausages topped with ketchup, mustard, minced onions and curry powder on a freshly baked organic bread roll. Thanks to Little Miss Bento for being our face and hand model, portions are incredulously huge for one.


With a ton of ingredients served in a single roll, it was most gratifying taking a bite and savouring the flavours all at once. For once, I found more gratification in a hot dog bun that is not IKEA's.


Curry Fries Special ($5.50)
Fries topped with their signature homemade curry ketchup, mayonnaise, curry powder and minced onions

For more of the deliciosity, I would encourage you to check out their curry fries special - the equivalent of the hot dog but with fries. I could and would most definitely choose this over chilli beef cheese fries anyday.


Should the spicy not appeal, there are always crowd pleasers like classic fries ($3.50).


Mr Berlin is more than just your regular bratswurst place, and even with just beer, sausages and fries the place exude alot more charm in their food offerings and pocket friendly prices.

Mr Berlin
One Shenton Way #01-09

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