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Milk and Honey Artisan Yogurt @ One KM

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Honeycomb icecream is one of the IT desserts these days and while I have not joined the queues for Honey Creme, I have for Milk and Honey. My single order took a good 15 minutes with just three parfaits waiting to be served. I cannot imagine if the cafe was filled.


If parfaits are not your thing, maybe their other sweet treats would be.


You can choose to order a yogurt creation or make your own with any of their 9 homemade toppings - tantalising ones include macarons and white chocolate crumbles.


Royal Honey ($8.80)
Honey Parfait, Orange Chip, White Chocolate Stick, Honey Popcorn, Honey Crystal Jello, Crunchy Crumble

The tart yogurt certainly made this dessert very easy to eat - the contrast in sweet and the mild sourness was a great after dinner treat. This would have been an improved version of all the frozen yogurts that I loved at some point, topping it off with seemingly healthier ingredients like honey. Towards the second half of my yogurt, I encountered the not so palatable bits which included bland crunchy crumbles and honey crystal jello cubes that reminded me of lemon grass somewhat.

On the pricey side but who can resist these photogenic creations?

Milk and Honey Artisan Yogurt
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