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Les Macarons de Valerie @ Gurney Plaza

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I was bent on checking out the shopping malls in Penang and managed to find time to visit Gurney Mall - right next to Gurney Drive Hawker Center. While this was not the swankiest of all malls, I thought it was actually quite comprehensive with several floors of shopping and even a cinema which was nothing short of those we have in Singapore.

The basement was a gourmet's haven, nearly with a number of Malaysian brand snack corners and I found one in Les Macarons de Valerie.


My three flavours that fit just nice into the little box.


Another snap of these sugary bites.


Pulut Hitam

I love how they incorporate local flavours into their range and this chewy shell was delicious but the thick buttercream left little to be desired for. I do however adore the coconut finish and ground black glutinous rice grains embedded within.


Dark Chocolate

Dense and rich, I still think the shells are wonderfully made except for the buttercream filling.


Rose Ispahan

Delicate flavours with the rose reminiscent of bandung, I still found it delicious nonetheless.

This outlet was terribly shorthanded, just one person around to handle everything. Despite that, it was a nice place to sit, sip and enjoy the Penangnite's take on macarons.

Les Macarons de Valerie
Gurney Plaza Basement

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