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Les Amis Revisited @ Shaw Center

A return to Les Amis was quicker than I thought but who will say no to a good dining experience? A tip for potential diners, do make a reservation for the table on the second floor overlooking the first for a cosier experience - at least you do not get someone in the next table within earshot.


The same bread basket with a different pairing - this time with rock salt too!


I found the bread basket equally satisfying, personal favourite still remains as the cheese milk bun.


Wine over lunch is a rarity locally but always a treat if we are in the mood for some. I wanted a sweet wine, close to Vinsanto and the sommelier was quick to recommend Lustau East India Solera Sherry.


Traditional French Pate-en Croute

In layman's terms, duck liver with lentil soup. The sear was pictureperfect, delicious colours and thickness of the liver made me drool - but, a tiny but, it was gamey. I could live with it but certainly wish there was none of that. 


Oscietra Caviar in Harmony with Cold Angel Hair and Sherry Vinegar

Cold Angel Hair pastas are one too many these days and Les Amis' version stands out for its vinegary aftertaste, very refreshing and satisfying to eat. I so wish this came in bigger portions!


Black Truffle with Egg Confit over Sweet Onion Tart

Not just a pile of black gold, if that deluded you.


Tucked sweetly beneath it all was a perfectly cooked golden yolk waiting to be prodded, while it could do with a bit more runnyness, the onion tart was so delicately done - layers, crispyness and that airyfairyness. Sublime.


Lobster Bisque in Cappucino with Celeriac Royale and Black Truffle

I am so glad across all three menus, the lobster bisque is on it. Twice I found this amazing creation mindblowingly good. I already go weak at the mention of lobster bisque, throw in truffle and then lobster chunks.


Pan Fried Sea Bass with Verjus Sauce and Organic Aromatic Vegetables

I was looking forward to Amadai again but this week, it was pike and seabass. I never quite had seabass done in the same manner before - the preparation made this taste so succulent. The tangy verjus sauce made this so appetizing and this, could be the start of my fishy journey - amadai definitely is on that list too.


Wild Scottish Salmon, serve in two ways with aromatiques aromates


A huge chunk of scottish salmon served two ways - the mere mention of having it done two ways on my plate already made me wink and grin. Varieties always work for me. If salmon had doneness, this was cooked medium rare - crispy on the exterior and incredibly moist within. The tartare was a delicious combination of a carnivorous coleslaw - very intense in flavours.

There is truly a difference between the norwegian and scottish salmon, I am a huge fan of the latter.


Ballotine of Pigeon Breast with Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Foie Gras and Black Truffles

Having pigeon served this manner saves me the trouble of going on a guilt trip - eating the pint sized fella makes me all emotional. I loved the pairing of almost rare pigeon meat with the richly flavoured foie gras and bacon. Texturally intriguing, there is definitely no foul play here. Pun, very intended.


A "café Liegeois" with textures of roasted Colombia n Coffee

Served on the house which I think was an honest mistake by the waiter - but who can resist more sugars?


Strawberries and Sicilian Pistachio in a Frasier

As exquisite as ever - next to Japanese sponge cakes, I love this to the moon and back.


Ardeche Chestnut Souffle with Bourbon Vanilla Icecream

Another favourite from their range of desserts - delicious in so many other synonyms and they all mean one; a must try.


Alain Milliat honey to go with my tea.


Last but not least, sealing the very gratifying meal with salted caramel truffles.

The great thing about paying Les Amis two visits is, I managed to try everything on their lunch menu! So then, for the uninformed, they have 3 different menus available - Regular lunch menu at $55, Discovery at $70-$95 and Epicurean at $125.

If anything, Les Amis is one of those places that shines in its knowledge and execution of fish dishes which is really rare to come by. 

Les Amis
Shaw Center

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