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Ka Bee Cafe @ Chew Jetty, Penang


I finished my street art trail at Chew Jetty and remembered what Chef from Overeasy strongly recommended - a food stall under a huge tree opposite the Jetty. And as raving hungry as we were, we thought it was this stall right at the entrance.

Menu was simple with mainly soup dishes with rice or noodles and we basically ordered what most tables had.


Crab Porridge (RM 50)

The cost is highly subject to the day's catch and usually ranges from RM 50-60, there are not other smaller crabs. A close alternative would be Sri Lankan Flower Crabs which in my opinion would not do the porridge any justice since it is hardly meaty. The wait for this was almost forever, but when it arrived it was a well justified wait.

Cooked from scratch, the crabs were insanely fresh and in the grains in the porridge were well defined. Sprinkled with fried lard and grit, the broth was so good to be drunk on its own. Possibly the best crab porridge eaten in a darn long while.


Fish Soup (RM 9)

I am through and through a fried fish soup person unless the fish is so fresh it warrants being eaten boiled. In the case of this bowl, that was it - the complexity of the broth was amazing, possibly boiled with fish bones and tasted so sweet. For once, I indulged in a bowl of laksa noodle with fresh fish slices. For real, the best fish soup ever eaten right to the last drop.

I sing praises of this place, the same manner that we risked our dear lives sitting on the main road with cars zooming past us just for these two bowls. One unforgettable dining experience that I would risk my life again for.

Ka Bee Cafe
Chew Jetty, Penang

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