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Famous Ah Leng Char Koay Teow @ Restoran Tong Hooi, Siam Road, Penang


The hunt for the best Char Koay Teow continued and we found ourselves at Ah Leng's. Not so hard to spot afterall since it was located at the front of the coffee shop. 

And with signages screaming the shop name, it was a no brainer. We were thankful that for a weekday afternoon it was not as insanely packed as online reviews would suggest. Ordering was easy peasy too and best of all, we had Ah Leng himself fry us a plate.


Do give the kopi a try, a heartfelt simple cup of caffeine goodness that only yesteryears can bring.


Every diner has to order a mandatory drink. Prices are still cheaper over the Causeway.


RM 11.50 for the best of - duck's egg, prawns and mantis prawns. While I would have preferred more spice, this was the best of the three we attempted during the trip. Wok hei was locked in, lard was ample and noodles were kept al dente. The mantis prawns certainly made this more than ordinary kind of yummy. I cannot imagine how the Penangnites would fork out this amount for CKT when it can get them two bowls of assam laksa. Pricey to some extent for local standard so it may have been the most delicious, it lost out on some value.

Famous Ah Leng Char Koay Teow
Restoran Tong Hooi
Siam Road, Penang

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