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Coffee On The Table @ Beach Road, Penang

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The cafe culture in Penang is so vibrant, nearly every street has one. I was keen to check Coffee On The Table out mainly for the 3D Coffees.


Afternoon kicks. The long back the Husband had was aromatic and this had alot to do with the way the Penangnites roast their coffee beans. Kopitiam standard infact, nothing fancy but just good solid technique.


My 3D Hot White Chocolate that was left entirely to the whims and fancies of the barrista to churn out. Well thankfully I am a fan of hello kitty and all things cute, I really did not bear to start sipping my 3D art away.


If anything, there is a nostalgic corners with a number of old grammophones on display, now if only they had vinyl records spinning too.

Coffee On The Table
Beach Road, Penang

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