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Caffé B @ Marina Bay Sands

Special thanks to Petrina for the invite and Daniel for hosting!


Caffé B's lunch crowds have been lapping up their all new lunch menus priced at $25++ with much gusto. The new menus starting January 23 showcase their Japanese-Italian fusion creations.

Portions featured below are tasting portions, the actual sizes are double.  


Freshly baked bread and in house olive tapenade


Purportedly so popular, the house made olive tapenade have been relentlessly asked by customers to bottle tem for sale - this rich pasty spread is the bread's best friend.  


Potato and Prosciutto Salad
Chunky Potato wrapped in Proscuitto Ham topped with Bonito flakes, served with Mesculin tossed in Miso Vinaigrette

I found Japan in Bonito flakes and Italy in Proscuitto Ham - a delicious combination. 


Chef's Fresh Pot of the Day
Potato and Leek Soup

Warm pots of creamy soup, best eaten with the bread. 


Tuna Sake Tataki
Quick seared Tuna with Sake, served with Hash Browns, Tomato Florentine and Red Pesto

The quick sear with sake gave this dish a mild sweet finish. 

Beef Verde
Black Angus Beef drizzled with Sauce Verde, side by Edamame and Potatoes with Parsley

I adored the edamame pea puree that was a creative touch next to the beef served medium. 


Vegetarian Pasta Alla Fungi
Spaghetti cooked Al Dente in Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce

Pasta was nailed perfectly - al dente with a cream sauce so delicious. It is no wonder this vegetarian option is the best seller for lunch!


Chicken Lasagne Parmegiano
Spinach Pasta layered with Chicken, Shiitake and Eggplants covered in Bechamel Sauce, Pomodoro and Mozzarella

Served like a large stuffed wanton, this was filled with earthy goodness consisting of mushrooms and cheese. 


Trio Profiteroles
Matcha, Red Bean, Chocolate Cream

Matcha was a personal favourite with a light pastry plumped with matcha cream while the red bean was a tad miserly and chocolate cream ordinary. 

$25++ for a 3 course lunch set at Caffe B sounds like an awfully good deal. Menus are changed every three months, to coincide with the seasonal produce and inspirations. 

We were also given a tour of their Caffe B Bar, a spot with a chillax area, in house mixologist and DJ spinning. Word has it that important events like F1 and New Year's Eve are completely booked out for its splendid view of the fireworks. 


The Top 5 sins liquefied. 


Appletini ($18)
Fresh Apple juice, Smirnoff Apple, Apple Sourz, Homemade Sweet and Sour, Fresh Apple Fruits (cubed)


Frozen Mojito ($18)
Bacardi Limon, Sugar, Mint Leaves, Homemade Sweet and Sour

2015 creations begin with two frozen fruity cocktails, both are definitely ladies drinks with a sweet finish. 


Poison Ivy ($16)
Lavender Syrup, Passionfruit Juice, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Blue Curacao, Creme de Cassis, Grenadine Syrup


Hibiki X Champagne ($30)
Hibiki Whisky, Brown Sugar, Fresh Orange juice, Bauget Jouette Champagne, Angostura Bitters


Berrytini ($16)
Orange Fruit, Raspberries, Raspberry-infused Vodka, Cointreau, Homemade Sweet and Sour Cranberry Juice

Valentine's Day Dinner I hear are almost fully booked - if you have not secured a seat, do call and check! 5 courses going at $150, $180 with wine pairing. 

Caffé B
Marina Bay Sands

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