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Audacious Cakery @ Everton Park

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I was considering Audacious Cakery for my wedding cake but the croqumbouche idea overrided everything else so I missed a chance at checking out their bakes.



Salted Egg Custard ($4.20)

I had high expectations of this cupcake interpretation of a molten lava pau. Whilst there was none of it, it was simply a butter cupcake with a custard filling and topped with a salted egg swirl. It was nice but nothing fancy.


Smores ($4)

Recommended by the ladies at Audacious as a bestseller, this moist chocolate cake tasted heaps better than the butter cake. The torched marshmellow topping was a sweet touch.

Just on the cupcakes alone, I was barely impressed. If there were not so many other options perhaps it could have been a great deal but I definitely have had better.

Audacious Cakery
2 Everton Park

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