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Wedding Dinner @ Westin Hotel

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Westin Hotel used to be where Fairmont is and was once considered the place to hold a wedding for all its pomp and fuss...and until its reopening at Asia Square that I realised how sought after it was for weddings and corporate events. 

Lobster Salad
Chilled Lobster Meat Tossed with Seasonal Fruits and Mayo

Presentation wise, this wowed. Instead of the usual cold dishes, I had lobster salad!

Wonderfully sweet fruits with a chewy chunk of lobster. I would not mind trading off future cold dishes just for this actually!

Ginseng Soup
Double Boiled, Fish Maw, Conpoy with Chicken

It's getting increasingly common to find non-shark's fin broth options at weddings, whether or not it was a call by the groom and bride or the hotel I am not sure but this tasted really good too! Very tasty and comforting.

Cantonese Roast, Stewed with Chinese Herbs

I do not remember this to be any form of an amazing, just ordinary but a surprise find on a wedding menu.

"Soon Hock"
Steamed "Hong Kong" Style

It could be me and fish served at weddings that usually they are served for "customary" purposes - that fish should be served in whole for an auspicious good start. Not too fresh in my opinion.

Duo Seafood
Stir Fried Prawn with XO Sauce and Green Asparugus, Sauteed Scallop with Shimeiji Mushroom, Honey Pea

This was a case of trying to achieve too much in a single dish.

Beef Tenderloin
Wok Fried with Balck Pepper and Asparagus

A major disappointment with sinewy bites of tenderloin - I cannot help but break into Singlish - forget to put tenderizer issit!

Ten-Head Abalone
Sea Cucumber, Black Mushroom, Baby Green Served with Superior Sauce

Tasting just like CNY with abalone, sea cucumber and black mushroom.

Eefu Noodle
Braised with Crabmeat, Yellow Chives and Mushroom

The thing about eefu noodles at weddings is, it can go awesomely right and terribly wrong. This was a clear cut case of disappointment in a bowl - bland and noodles were mush.

Double Boiled Three Treasure
Hasma, Lily Blub, Red Dates

We were glad by the time dessert arrived - Hasma had to be a first on any wedding dinner menu and here's the but, tasted just like jelly and almost bland.

Maybe it's a business hotel, maybe it sells for the location but the banquet food is not something I remember Westin by. Oh if I may add, parking was unfriendly too.

Westin Hotel

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  1. Yum! This food is looking so delicious. I have tasted some of these dishes at Boston restaurants but Eefu Noodle is very new to me. I heard the name for the first time. Well, thanks for the reviews!